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Date archive for: September 2015

D.H. Monday Edition

Posted in DH Blog

Welcome to the University of Oregon’s new Digital Humanities (DH) blog! Here, you can learn about upcoming workshops, news, and events related to our developing DH program. Because DH is such a vast and sometimes confusing area of academic work, we’ll use this blog to introduce and discuss innovations in the field. Our Monday blog will be a great resource for a variety of audiences:

Are you looking for ways of designing innovative courses using new pedagogical tools but not sure how to begin planning such a course?

Do you have an idea for scholarly research project that would benefit from digital tools but you need advice on which tools to use and how to implement them?

Are you searching for ways of developing a research or teaching project that links digital tools with the public sphere?

Are you interested in thinking about what we mean when we talk about “digital humanities” or how this field is transforming humanities scholarship in the 21st century?

Do you have an interest in thinking about the theoretical contours of digital humanities scholarship?

The DH Monday Edition will address these kinds of questions and more.
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