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Designing a DH Course: A Conversation with Emily Simnitt

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By: Hayley Brazier and Heidi Kaufman

Welcome back to the blog. Today we are sharing an interview with Emily Simnitt, the first instructor of the new Digital Humanities Minor course English 250: Literature and Digital Culture. The Digital Humanities Minor is housed in the English Department and open to all undergraduate students of any major. Hayley sat down with Emily to discuss the incorporation of digital training into an English course.

We discuss a few websites during the podcast, so please find links to those below:

-Click here to visit English 250’s course blog.

-Click here to check out UO Blogs, which provides free WordPress sites for faculty, students, and staff.

-The Teaching Engagement Program (TEP).

-If you would like to reach out to Emily, her email isĀ

Emily Simnitt

Thank you, Emily, for your wonderful insight! We wish you the best of luck in finishing your PhD.



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