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Consider This: UO’s New Media and Culture Certificate

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By: Hayley Brazier and Heidi Kaufman

Welcome back! Before we jump into the blog, we would like to give you a heads up that DH@UO is hosting two-part series on Excel Basics for Humanists. The first workshop, Friday, May 4, will show attendees how to analyze existing data sets, Table tools, PivotTable, Charts, and, finally, Tableau. The second Excel workshop, being held on Friday May 11, will continue our study of the basics of Excel for humanists, including skills necessary to work with data, and to get data into the structure necessary to analyze it using the tools from the first workshop, such as Vlookup and “If function.” The workshops will be presented by Erik Ford and Heidi Kaufman.  We hope to see you there! Please RSVP here.

A grey and blue flyer stating time and date of the Excel Basics for Humanists workshop


This past Friday, DH@UO was proud to team up with the New Media and Culture Certificate (NMCC) to co-host an Introduction to Podcasting workshop. In honor of that collaboration, today’s blog will highlight the NMCC, an elective certificate program that should be of interest to many of our readers. Wikipedia succinctly defines new media studies as “a relatively young academic discipline that explores the intersections of computing, science, the humanities, and the visual and performing arts.” In keeping with this approach to media studies, the NMCC program, open to all graduate students at the University of Oregon, “blends scholarly research on new media topics with hands-on experience creating new media content and using digital research tools.” The NMCC creates great opportunities for graduate students to blend their disciplinary training with new media studies. Students can therefore leverage the Certificate as an additional proficiency to direct or enhance their research methods and to improve their prospects in a range of competitive job markets.

Screen shot of NMCC's homepage, which consists of many bright tv or computer screens set side by side
The website homepage of the New Media and Culture Certificate (Photo Source:

The Certificate is open to all masters and PhD students already enrolled at the University of Oregon, irrespective of discipline. Graduate students who are currently in the NMCC program are drawn from a broad array of backgrounds including Media Studies, Music, the Fine Arts, Theatre, English, Landscape Architecture, and Sociology, to name just a few. You can read more about NMCC students’ innovative projects by heading over to this site.  

The NMCC courses aim to provide students with a strong understanding of new media studies drawn from multiple disciplinary perspectives, including English, Journalism, Geography, Psychology, Computer and Information Science, and Music. The Certificate is a 24-credit program that requires students to take 12 credits in “new media histories, theories, and methods” and 12 credits of elective courses. One smart way to judge if the NMCC is applicable to your graduate studies is to check out the program’s course offerings; do any of the courses peak your interest or potentially contribute to your scholarship?

A list of the 2018 spring course NMCC offerings
A list of NMCC course offerings for the Spring 2018 term. (Photo Source:

To join the program, students simply submit an application for approval. Students can apply at any point in their studies, although joining the NMCC earlier in their graduate career may be advisable to have time to complete the Certificate’s 24-credit requirement. Applying to the program is a simple process: you submit a cover letter, a CV, and a short application form that asks questions concerning your degree program. The NMCC also requires applicants to submit a preliminary Study Plan, which provides a plan-of-study map outlining how the student will complete the Certificate’s requirements, which courses they plan to take, and when they will be able to include those courses while at UO. This Study Plan should be developed in communication with NMCC’s director, Professor Colin Koopman.

Colin Koopman stands in front of a large shelf of books, looking to the side
Colin Koopman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, is the current director of the NMCC. (Photo source:

The NMCC is not only a certificate program, it’s also the nucleus around which faculty, students, and visiting scholars can discuss new media studies or develop collaborative projects in areas of shared interest.  The NMCC hosts guest speakers and quarterly open houses events, all of which are open to students, faculty, and the public. If you want to connect with the NMCC, check out their active blog where they publicize related events and post a “Tuesday Job Roundup.” Interested students, or faculty who know of interested students, should contact NMCC Director Colin Koopman at with any questions and to learn more.


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