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The New DH Minor at UO

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Welcome back to the blog! This year has been a banner year for DH @UO. In the fall we hosted a successful speaker series, “Why DH? Why DH Now?”  Over the course of the year we organized nine DH workshops which 111 people (!) attended, representing 22 departments across campus. We spearheaded a new collaboration with the UO Libraries and the Digital Scholarship Center (DSC). And I have had the good fortune to work with an outstanding DH Program Assistant, Hayley Brazier, who will continue with her DH programming work in 2018-19. To top things off, we launched the new DH minor in the English department.

Since we’ll offer both required courses for the DH minor in the next academic year (18-19), we thought it would be helpful to spend a little time in this week’s blog introducing those courses.

To recap, the new minor in Digital Humanities, or DH, will integrate the study of literature and technology. Minors will learn how to study literary culture through, for example, the creation of dynamic digital archives, online publications, interactive maps, dynamic games, or born digital literature. The DH minor emphasizes the culture of creation and hands-on building of digital projects. At the same time, the DH minor bridges literary studies with the culture of writing, publishing, and technology.

Minoring in DH is easy. Students will take the two required courses: English 250 (offered in Fall 2018) and English 470 (offered in Spring 2019) and four more from the list of approved DH Minor courses. Additional courses or independent studies may also qualify for credit in the DH minor. To request that a course count for the minor please contact Heidi Kaufman:

ENG 250 Literature and Digital Culture is a skills-based course focused on learning how to use digital tools in the study of literary culture and texts. Students enrolled in this course will use blogging for literary analysis; build digital archives or timelines to contextualize texts; visualize texts and data; or make online maps of a character’s movement through a fictional city. This is a hands-on course that approaches texts through the application of digital tools. Simultaneously, this course will apply cultural theory to the uses and forms of digital technology.

ENG 470/570 Technologies and Texts Capstone is open ONLY once students have successfully completed English 250 and two additional courses from the approved list of DH Minor courses. Technologies and Texts Capstone is designed to address the digital turn in public contemporary culture, academic culture, and the humanities. This turn has profound implications for the way we interact with and understand the role of the humanities in the public sphere and the transmission of the written word into digital forms. At the center of this course is the creation of an original term-length digital research project (which must be approved in advance by the Professor teaching the course).

Projects can be created by individuals or can be part of a collaboration with a faculty member or fellow classmates. Possible term-length projects include:

*The creation of a digital edition (interpretation) of a text

*The creation of a digital research collection/archive/exhibit

*The development of a digital public humanities project

*An exploration (using digital tools) of a social or social justice issue (present or


*The creation of a text modeling or analysis project to study

words, concepts, networks, and their meanings/implications

*The creation of a digital storytelling project

*The creation of a digital game

*The creation of a digital story/narrative map

Final projects will be accompanied by an explanatory essay. Together, project and essay will demonstrate proficiency with the digital tools used to build the project and the subjects the project addresses.

The DH Minor offers undergraduate students opportunities to develop their interests in the humanities through the experience of working with digital tools. Please encourage undergraduates who may be interested to sign up for English 250—the gateway course to the minor—to learn more about DH.


Important Links for the DH Minor

Declaring a minor in DH is simple.  Just follow this link to fill out a form:

To see the growing list of approved courses for the minor visit this link:

To visit the DH minor website follow this link:


Please contact Professor Heidi Kaufman with questions about the minor:



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