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Welcome to our last blog post of the fall quarter. Today on the Friday Feature we have twenty-four DH opportunities, which are divided between opportunities that require applications and, second, events that will be of general interest to the DH@UO community. It’s clear that the DH field is rapidly growing based on the amount of tenure-track positions that appear in this Friday Feature and those of previous weeks.  We will return with our next blog post Friday, January 11. Happy Holidays!

  1. Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow

Deadline: January 15, 2019
Institution: Bucknell University

About: “Five years ago Bucknell made a long-term investment in digital scholarship infrastructure for faculty and student initiatives. Humanities faculty have, as a result, made significant strides in expanding their individual and collaborative research to include digital forms of analysis and publication. The successful applicant will join a team committed to supporting humanities faculty from across the discipline, including Classics, Film & Media Studies, History, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, and Philosophy. Faculty DH projects, funded with internal and external grant support, range from those in development to those in implementation mode, and represent a range of approaches to DH, from textual editing to data visualization. This is a 12-month position. The salary is $50,000/year plus benefits.”

  1. Tenure Track or Tenured Full Time Position in Digital Humanities

Deadline: December 15, 2018
Institution: The Université catholique de Louvain

About: “Recruitment takes place within the framework of the Altissia Chair in “Digital Humanities and Ethics”. The objective of this chair is to provide an analysis of the changes occurring in languages, arts, cultures and thought in relation to digital technology and artificial intelligence, but also to inspire and stimulate teaching in this field at the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters and to innovate by bringing together the main research actors in the field and suggesting new applications in the relevant subject matters.”

  1. CFP: Ancient Perspectives on Technology

Deadline: December 15, 2018
Institution: Archai Journal: The Origins of Western Thought

About: “Technology may be fittingly considered a distinguishing feature of the contemporary world. In the last decades, technological development widened the range of human possibilities and Hi-tech flooded from laboratories and specialised contexts into everyday life, reshaping the way in which mankind interacts with his environment. In this (so-called) ‘€˜Anthropocene era’€™, artificial intelligence, biomechanics, transfer of consciousness, robotics etc. would be the pieces of evidence of a new alleged ability to bend nature to our purposes. Technological development would dig a rift between us and the animal world from which we originated, putting under pressure concepts such as human, mind, nature, beauty, life/death and so forth. Hence, technology is at the core of a heated debate today and research splits into hard critics and faithful supporters. All of them, however, cannot do without a compelling account of the relation between human nature and technology, to define future scenarios. In principle, indeed, technology leaves open an infinite range of possibilities; but are there any problems implied by technology? Should we think of boundaries and limits to be established for technological advancement? Or, on the other way around, should we rethink philosophical concepts according to the possibilities that technology provides to us?”

  1. CFP: Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Media Arts Festival

Deadline: December 21, 2018
Institution: University College Cork, Ireland

About: “Proposals are now being accepted for presentations and exhibition pieces at the annual Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Media Arts Festival, to be held July 15-17, 2019 at University College Cork, Ireland. Electronic literature, or e-lit, refers to literary works wherein computation forms some essential part of the aesthetic. #ELO19 offers an opportunity to share research and creative contributions within an engaging, collegial atmosphere comprising e-lit scholars and practitioners from across the globe.The theme for this year’s ELO gathering is “peripheries”: delegates are invited to explore the edges of literary and digital culture, including emerging traditions, indeterminate structures and processes, fringe communities of praxis, effaced forms and genres, marginalised bodies, and perceptual failings.”

  1. CFP: DHSI 2019 Conference & Colloquium

Deadline: January 11, 2019
Institution: University of Victoria

About: “Proposals are now being accepted for presentations at the DHSI Conference & Colloquium, to be held in June 2019 alongside classes at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria. Open to all, the DHSI Conference & Colloquium offers an opportunity to present research and projects within an engaging, collegial atmosphere. Participation comes free with DHSI registration, and contributors not planning to register for a DHSI course can join for a modest participation fee of $150 CDN.”

  1. CFP: Digital Approaches to Teaching Historical Languages

Deadline: December 9, 2018
Institution: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

About: “The workshop is concerned with digital approaches to teaching and learning classical and other historical languages. Computer-assisted language learning (CALL/iCALL) is becoming more and more frequent in teaching and learning modern languages. At the same time, more and more high-quality historical corpora and other resources are becoming available. This workshop aims at bridging the gap between CALL and historical corpora.”

  1. Assistant/Associate Professors in Computer Science (2 positions)

Deadline: January 4, 2019
Institution: Durham University

About: “We are especially interested in Digital Humanities – but we will consider any area of applied Computer Science. Enthusiastic individuals are sought to make a major contribution to the Department’s activities in research and teaching in any area in the strongly inter-disciplinary area of Digital Humanities, including, but not limited to natural language processing, text mining, social data mining, cultural analytics, augmented editions, digital curation, thick mapping, historical simulation, code criticism, technology-enhanced learning and the relationship between technology and culture.”

  1. Instructor Modern American History – Digital

Deadline: December 14, 2018
Institution: Florida International University

About: “The Department of History at Florida International University is conducting an open search for an Instructor in Modern American History.  The candidate’s primary responsibility will be to teach face-to-face and online undergraduate courses on Modern US history, with a 4-4 teaching load.  The successful applicant will be expected to incorporate digital approaches to history into their courses and to work closely with FIU libraries and museums and the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab in their teaching as well.  The person to be hired may also contribute to our transnational PhD program with an emphasis in Atlantic Civilizations, and to relevant programs in the Steven J. Green School for International and Public Affairs and the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum as appropriate.  The selected candidate must demonstrate commitment to service to the department, college, and university.”

  1. Willard McCarty Fellowship

Deadline: January 25, 2019
Institution:  Department of the Digital Humanities, King’s College London,

About: “The Fellowship is intended to support outstanding scholars whose work interrogates the value of a human-machine dialogue for greater understanding of the human mind, condition, culture, and society. It seeks to foster intellectual collaboration across borders and disciplines as well as between academia and industry. Candidates are expected to have a strong academic presence and/or significant engagement with the intellectual life of society as a whole. We offer Fellows the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues and students in the dynamic environment of the largest academic digital humanities department in the world.”

  1. CFP: Science Fiction Television and the Politics of Space

Deadline: April 9, 2019
Institution: University of Pennsylvania

About: “In the last twenty years, we have witnessed a surge in the creation of science fiction television shows, the securing of larger budgets for their production, and their movement from the margins of cultural consumption into the mainstream, with shows like Battlestar Galactica and Westworld.  Their popularity seems to reflect what is referred to as “peak TV” – a contemporary Golden Age of television production, and the ease of access to this programming through digital technologies – but also to the enduring and, indeed, growing fascination with the imaginative, challenging, and sometimes prophetic qualities of the genre, which frequently addresses contemporary political and cultural issues.”

  1. Assistant Professor, Black Digital Studies

Deadline: December 7, 2018
Institution: University of Michigan

About: “Department of African and African American Studies and Digital Studies Institute (pending Regents approval) seek qualified applicants for a jointly-appointed tenure-track assistant professor in black digital studies. We seek an interdisciplinary scholar with research interests and teaching experience in black digital cultural studies.  The ideal candidate will have demonstrated an ability to implement a multidisciplinary approach rooted in critical digital studies.  Areas of specialization such as the black digital humanities, video game studies, Afrofuturism, and black social media are welcome.  The search committee will consider candidates who focus on any area within African and African Diaspora Studies as well as comparative and transnational frameworks.  The successful candidate will have teaching interests centered on helping students understand the aesthetic practices, social impact, and cultural use of digital technologies on Black social life.”

         12. Assistant Professor – English (Creative Writing)

Deadline: January 15, 2019
Institution: University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

About: “The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay seeks a tenure-track faculty member in Creative Writing, specializing in one or more of the following: electronic literature, digital or interactive storytelling, screenwriting, scriptwriting, and/or writing for narrative media (podcasting, animation, comics, videogames, film, and/or television). The preferred candidate will have demonstrated expertise in producing creative or critical digital and public humanities projects and teaching in a higher education environment. Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated expertise in one or more of these secondary areas: poetry writing, American literature, editing and publishing, and/or community-based learning.”

  1. Assistant Professor In Digital Humanities/Computer Science

Deadline: January 23, 2019
Institution: Allegheny College

About: “Allegheny College invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position at the intersection of the computer sciences and the arts, humanities, and/or social sciences, beginning in August 2019. Ideal candidates will have a Ph.D. or MFA or commensurate industry experience in information technologies, with demonstrated success teaching introductory computer science courses and an active interdisciplinary research agenda.The successful candidate will be expected to teach courses in computer science and in another area of expertise in the humanities and/or social sciences as well as in the college-wide first-year/sophomore seminar program. The teaching load is six courses per academic year (with a one-course reduction in the first year). The chosen candidate will receive laboratory space for teaching and research and access to funding for research with students.”

      14. Social Media Theory and Strategy Tenure Track Faculty Position

Deadline: December 15, 2018
Institution: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

About: “The Department of Communication Studies at Kutztown University invites applications for a tenure track Assistant Professor to join our new and expanding Social Media Theory and Strategy (SMS) program beginning August 2019. The SMS houses both an undergraduate major and a minor. Courses taught may include: Introduction to Social Media Theory and Strategy; Social Media Ethics; and Social Media Analytics. We are particularly interested in applicants who have experience working with diverse populations and who can teach and create new courses, as well as publish, in areas such as, but not limited to: data analytics, digital humanities, platform studies, critical code studies, social media marketing, and user experience research.”

    15. Open Rank Professorship in Digital Humanities and Societies

Deadline: December 31, 2018
Institution: Hamad Bin Khalifa University

About: “The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University is inviting applications for open-Rank positions in Digital Humanities and Societies with emphasis on humanities and digital technologies. Applicants with doctoral degrees in digital humanities or related fields are encouraged to apply. The college seeks candidates that may address issues in culture, society, marketing, film and media, journalism, religions, history, philosophy, gender, geopolitics and the built environments of the MENA region through digital representations. Candidates with the following specializations are particularly welcome to apply; digital media production and representation, crowd-sourcing of public campaigns, participatory journalism, big data, and online identity and representation of the cultures of underrepresented groups. S/he needs to be fluent in English, and preferably at least one other Middle Eastern Language.”

  1. Digital Project Coordinator

Deadline: December 3, 2018
Institution: Library of Congress, US

About: “The incumbent develops work plans, intake specifications, and conversion specifications for image, text, and video capture specific to assigned projects. The incumbent reviews digital material for quality issues and coordinates reworking (for digital reformatted material) or re-submission (for digital originals). When all material which has been ordered is reviewed, notifies the supplier of acceptance of work. Oversees the preparation for and archiving of the digitized materials in a secure and stable repository. The incumbent participates in the processes for incorporating digital work into the Law Library’s web site and storing or archiving completed work comprised of digital assets working with Library staff responsible for web coordination and the digital repository. Creates mock-up of web documents; develops and inserts hypertext links; and reviews web content for accuracy and completeness. Assembles and reviews digital collections for accuracy and completeness. Makes recommendations of release of digital material to the public. Participates in developing and implementing procedures for management and security of digital resources in line with policies established across the Library, to support security of heritage assets, including reporting requirements. For digital reformatting projects, works with the Library conservators and managers to plan and schedule physical evaluation of materials to be digitized and its conservation treatment as appropriate.”

          17. Assistant Professor of English (Technical Writing/Communication, Digital Humanities)

Deadline: December 16, 2018
Institution: Bowie State

About: “Teaches 12 credit hours per semester ranging from freshman composition to upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in area of specialization; advises students; conducts research; serves on departmental, college, and/or university committees; writes proposals for public and private grants; performs other related duties as assigned. This is a full-time tenure track faculty position that may require teaching in the evenings and/or weekends. The successful candidate will start work at BSU in August 2019.”

  1. Clinical Asst. Prof., Digital Technology & Culture Program

Deadline: January 10, 2019
Institution: Washington State University

About: “The Clinical Assistant Professor is expected to teach undergraduate courses with an emphasis on creative and critical web design and development, interactive design, scripting, front-end development, information architecture and user experience; aid in the management and development of lab spaces; be an active part of the Digital Technology and Culture Program (DTC) core faculty; and engage in creative production and/or conduct scholarly research leading to publication in areas of expertise. The successful candidate will teach core courses in DTC along with specific course in the Interactive Technologies and Development option which explore the principles of web design, coding, information architecture, and usability in a global cultural context.

  1. Visiting Assistant Professor In Technical And Professional Communication

Deadline: Open until filled
Institution: University of Kentucky

About: “The Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor in Technical and Professional Communication to begin Fall 2019. We encourage candidates who can teach technical writing as well as public science writing and science writing for professionals. This is a temporary appointment for one year. A PhD is required.”

  1. Assistant Teaching Professor Of Digital Storytelling And Film Studies Production

Deadline: January 13, 2019
Institution: University of Missouri

About: “The Digital Storytelling and Film Studies Production Programs in the School of Visual Studies invite applications for a full-time, ranked non-tenure track Assistant Teaching Professor (NTT) position in multimedia production starting Spring 2019. The school seeks a creative filmmaker, artist, and/or multimedia practitioner with a significant record of creative activity and teaching experience in the field. This position will include a 70/30 division of teaching/service for the academic year. The Digital Storytelling and Film Studies Production Programs are interdisciplinary B.A’s in the School of Visual Studies, that combine narrative and conceptually driven studies with new and emerging multimedia tools to achieve a balance between aesthetic and imagination. Students take courses in writing, critical studies, art, video production and animation. Like other forms of storytelling, digital storytelling translates human knowledge and experience to reach audiences for artistic, commercial and social justice purposes.”


  1. New: Master’s Degree in Digital Art History and Computational Media

Institution: Duke University

About: “The Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University offers a Master’s Degree in Digital Art History and Computational Media. The program builds on courses and well-developed strengths at Duke University. The program requires 10 courses over three or four semesters in addition to summer research. Limited funding may become available in the form of grants and assistantships to students contingent upon positive progress in the program. Note that we are also pleased to announce a Samuel H. Kress Foundation Fellowship to promote the study of digital methods in art history and visual studies for women and underrepresented groups. The Digital Art History track integrates historical disciplines and the study of cultural artifacts with digital visualization techniques for the analysis and presentation of research. The Computational Media track is designed for graduate students focused on the study, creation, and use of digital media and computation in the arts and humanities.”

  1. HIRMEOS Workshops on Open Annotation and Metrics for Open Access Monographs 

Deadline: Registration is open until filled
Institution: HIRMEOS (High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science Infrastructure)

About: “The workshops will be held in Paris on 10th and 11th January 2019. Workshop I: Why does Open Annotation Matter?, Thursday 10 January 2019, 10:30-17:30. Workshop II: Metrics and Altmetrics for Open Access Monographs, Friday 11 January 2019, 9:30-16:30. Venue: INRIA Paris, 2 Rue Simone IFF, 75012 Paris, France. A limited number of places is available for these events. Entrance is free, but a pre-registration 
is required.”

  1. Women Writers Online will be free for the month of March

Institution: Northeastern University

About:  Women Writers Online “collection includes more than 400 texts written and translated by women, first published between 1526 and 1850 (for the current list of texts in WWO see here: We also wanted to share 
some resources developed by our teaching partners, and circulate a call for those 
who are interested in joining the teaching partners program with the WWP.”

  1. Survey: Digital Edition Platform and Tools

Institution: Association for Documentary Editing

About: “Are you currently publishing a scholarly digital documentary edition? Or perhaps in the planning stages, evaluating options and thinking about platform features and design? We are interested in learning more about the tools and platforms in use or under review – as well as what editors look for when evaluating options – and invite your participation in a survey (”








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