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Visualizing the Mediterranean: A Conversation with Professor Lindsey Mazurek

Posted in DH Blog, and DH Podcast

By: Hayley Brazier and Heidi Kaufman

Lindsey Mazurek standing again a wall wearing a black shirt and smiling
Assistant Professor Lindsey Mazurek, UO Department of History

Welcome back to the blog! Today we are bringing you a new podcast, which is part of our series of interviews with digital humanities scholars from across UO. Hayley sat down with Lindsey Mazurek, assistant professor of ancient history in the Department of History, to discuss her research and digital scholarship. Mazurek is the co-director of the Mediterranean Connectivity Initiative, which is a “digital archaeology and social history project that combines GIS and Social Network Analysis to reconstruct potential social groupings and their participation in the urban fabric of Rome’s main port city of Ostia.” Mazurek and her co-developers are in the process of changing the name of their digital initiative from the Ostia Connectivity Project to the Mediterranean Connectivity Initiative, the former of which you will hear us use in the interview.  To listen to our conversation, click the play button below!


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