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DH 101: What is DH?

Digital Humanities 101


1) Medieval Help Desk Video:


2) What is DH? For a great introduction to DH see

Debates in Digital Humanities:


A Companion to DH


3) How to get involved in learning and/or planning a career   

DH@UO: Lots of great examples of DH scholarship across campus:

ATTEND DHSI: Digital Humanities Summer Institute–a great place to learn about DH Scholarship and Pedagogy


4) UO Grad students who’ve carved out careers in DH

Emily McGinn, UO PhD COLT, DH coordinator at the Univ. of  Georgia.

Courtney Floyd, UO PhD Candidate, English, Associate Director of Learning Technologies and Digital Humanities, Contemplative Sciences Center, University of Virginia

Matt Hannah, UO PhD English, former Mellon Post-Doc in DH at the University of Iowa, Assistant Professor of DH at Purdue Libraries


5)  Examples of DH scholarship: (one size does not fit all. The text we want to study; argument; and audience all shape the platform, tool or design)

a) Book and Website (blended scholarship)

Book: Legacies of British Slave Ownership

Legacies Website:


b) Methodological mixing (map and text)—Texts that demand or benefit from multi-media scholarship

Booth Map:


c) Dynamic Visualizations:

Slave Voyages,


d) What can you do without a million dollars? Low Budget/Small  Scale/Proof of Concept Project:

Courtney Floyd, Victorian Scribblers: