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Affiliated Faculty & Students OLD

Although the academic program in Digital Humanities is newly forming, members of our community have long been involved in this innovative field. We will continue to add details about ongoing and new projects. If you would like to showcase your work here please get in touch with Heidi Kaufman ( or Hayley Brazier (



Alex Dracobly, Department of History, Senior Instructor








Tara Fickle, Department of English, Assistant Professor







An image of Courtney Floyd wearing glasses, a green shirt, and a black sweater, and smiling at the camera.


Courtney Floyd, Department of English, PhD Student







David Hollenberg, Department of Religious Studies, Associate Professor






An image of Ocean Howell with black hair facing the camera head on


Ocean Howell, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, Assistant Professor







An image of Heidi Kaufman standing in front of a bookshelf facing the camera

Heidi Kaufman, Department of English, Associate Professor










Colin Koopman, Department of Philosophy, Associate Professor







Ryan Light stands outside, smiling directly at the camera.

Ryan Light, Department of Sociology, Assistant Professor







Massimo Lollini smiles into the camera in front of a bookshelf

Massimo Lollini, Department of Romance Languages, Professor









Danielle Mericle in front of a white background, smiling at the camera

Danielle Mericle, Interim Manager Digital Scholarship Projects; Curator of Photography







Dina Muhić looks off to the side in front of a body of water dotted with boats

Dina Muhić, Department of English, PhD Candidate





Brendan O'Kelly wearing a plaid shirt and smiling at the camera


Brendan O’Kelly, Department of English, Career Instructor







Elizabeth Raisanen smiles into the camera on a beautiful sunny day


Elizabeth Raisanen, Clark Honors College, Director of Undergraduate Advising and Instructor of Literature




Rachel Rochester stands in front of a brick wall and smiles at the camera

Rachel Rochester, Department of English, PhD Candidate








Daniel Rosenberg smiles at the cameraDaniel Rosenberg, Clark Honors College, Professor







Debarghya Sanyal sits facing sideways outdoors, looking at the camera and smiling over his shoulder.


Debarghya Sanyal, Department of English, PhD Student







Emily Simnitt sits left of frame, smiling directly into the camera


Emily Simnitt, Department of English, Career Instructor






Michael Smith smiles looking off to the side in front of a bookcase

Parker Smith, Department of English, PhD Student






Helen Southworth smiles at the camera with her head tilted, smiling.





Helen Southworth, Clark Honors College, Associate Professor





Cynthia M. Vakareliyska smiles into the camera in front of a bookcase




Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, Department of Linguistics, Professor





Screen Shot of website front page of



“Research and Teaching on Medieval Iberian and Sephardic Culture”
David Wacks, Department of Romance Languages, Professor 



An image of Stephanie Wood facing the camera, wearing a red sweater, and smiling

Stephanie Wood, Research Associate at the CEQP, College of Education, and Director of Wired Humanities Projects












Naomi Zack, Department of Philosophy, Professor